Trust principles

About the stories:

  1. We do not make the news
  2. We do not change the story
  3. We do not choose news according to interests, regions, political or corporate preferences
  4. We publish news!

About the sources:

  1. We do not publish rumors;
  2. We do not publish unconfirmed news;
  3. We do not believe all that is said;
  4. We use proven and guaranteed sources of information!

About the personal opinion:

  1. We do not offend;
  2. We don’t hate;
  3. We do not discriminate;
  4. We allow everyone to say their point of view, but it’s not news – it’s just a comment

About the freedom:

  1. We are not a government media;
  2. We are not dependent on any government media;
  3. We are not a third-party corporation media;
  4. We believe in fourth estate, freedom of speech and the need for criticism!